Cap Machine

A cap machine is the only thing you could need in order to raise up the production levels in your company to numbers that you would never imagine. In Tedelta we make the most effective machines in the market which are able to seal the most numbers of all kinds of bottles in the less amount of time, thanks to their avant-garde technology and customized parts.

Four decades of experience support us

We are an international company with more than 40 years of experience in the making of the most qualified cappers in the market. Our machines had increased the production levels of the world’s most well-known companies and marks, since our products gives a perfect and hermetic sealing to all the kinds of bottles you can possibly work with.

Also, we have offices in the whole world, something that has allowed us to make very good working relations with our customers, since we are capable to respond at their petitions and expectations.

Our catalog is filled with all kinds of cappers, from a semiautomatic capping machine with an amazing sealing system, to a cap machine like the ones we’re about to talk you about. We have every option you can imagine at your order, and that is the magic of Tedelta.


You can always believe with your eyes closed in the fact that this machine will fulfill your expectations when it comes to the performing of its job. It can seal a huge variety of bottles with most types of plastic caps, from push-on caps, to flip-top caps, sport caps and more.


This cap machine will place any kind of aluminum cap in your bottles. It is a precise capper that is also autonomous, so it doesn’t need the help of an operator to function. It can give you a perfect and hermetic seal, and it can also seal a number of 3000 bottles per hour with no difficulty, by using its single head, but also you can lift up those numbers by adding more heads and make it go up to 6000 bph.

Your production is the most important thing

We offer machines with amazing and unique technologies. That has made us build a strong trust worthy name in the industry. We are constantly making an effort to always make the most perfect machines for our clients in order for them to increase their productions numbers in the fastest way, which is why they first contact us.

We understand that difference and originality is the key to success, which is why we not only sell a cap machine, or parts for cappers. We, as a company, stand out from the rest by offering 100% original products. That means we design, manufacture and build the machine right from the very start, with pieces made by us and including systems that are as well developed by our team.

We are here to fulfill your expectations

In Tedelta, we are always trying to offer our clients the best experience with our machines. And that is why we present you the option to ask for a machine made out from your exigencies and expectations. You will only need to ask and tell and then, we will make the perfect machine just for you. I doesn’t matter how big or how much bottles you want to cap. Whatever you want, we can build it for you.

To get the most effective cap machine in the market, you just need to go into our web store and look for it. We give a two years guarantee plus personalized technical service and a lifetime maintenance service. Don’t look anymore and Contact Us.