Cap Lining Machine Models with Video

When you are manufacturing a product that is sold in bottles or jugs, having a proper seal is crucial. The most surefire way to get a perfect, reliable closure on a container is with an automated cap lining machine as part of a fully automatic capping system. At TEDELTA, we have two different linear cap lining machine models to choose from. In this post, we’ll talk about the differences and similarities between the two models, along with a video demonstrating how this type of equipment works.

Cap lining machine with cap delivery systems

The first type of linear capper we offer is the TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST, which uses a pick-off cap delivery system. The second cap lining machine is the TEDELTA-CAL-101-T, which uses the other type of cap delivery, called pick and place. The latter, with the pick and place system, is the one shown in the video below.

The linear cap lining machines are only equipped with one capping head at a time, which is used to seal the cap onto the bottle or container after it has been placed on the container by the cap delivery system.

As you can see in the video, the pick and place system grabs each cap one at a time and places it on top of the bottle. Then, the capping head on the automatic capping machine comes down to apply the proper amount of torque and pressure to seal the cap onto the bottle. In a matter of seconds, the capping head has come back up and a new bottle had already been placed under it, and the process repeats.

Features of TEDELTA cap lining machines

Both models of linear capper machines are a good fit for low volume manufacturers who don’t want to compromise on quality. The single capping head is able to reach speeds of 3000 bottles per hour, and different heads are available depending on the type of cap and container you are working with.

All TEDELTA capping machines are built from the highest quality materials like stainless steel, designed to last a long time with little maintenance or oiling needed. We have more than four decades of experience in the industry, and have made sure all of our equipment is as user-friendly as possible. And, of course, we offer the highest level of customer service, from sales to installation to maintenance or repairs.

Are you looking for a cap lining machine for your business? Contact our TEDELTA experts and we will provide you with a personalized quote and additional information.