Cap Conveyor Systems with Sorters

Cap Conveyor systems: Capping machines are designed to make the capping process faster, more reliable and better overall. There have been many improvements during recent years in the process of cap placement and delivery. In the assembly and mechanism, companies are trying to include innovations in order to reduce losses and minimize defects during the manufacturing process.

This industry is always searching for new things to introduce in their capping machines. This is why many new systems are tested until finding the right one before building a machine and releasing it on the market. Fulfilling all the necessities our clients demand is not an easy task, but with the right pieces, they can trust that their mechanism will accomplish what they are looking for in a capping machine.

Even though cap conveyors are not a brand-new innovation on the industry (as a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest pieces that can be traced to the beginning of the industrial revolution), the way this piece is designed, along with its position and use have varied greatly from time to time. Cap conveyor machines are no exception to those innovative trends. Therefore, capping machines present various cap sorter functions within the feeding system presentation to fit each customer’s needs.

Let’s have a better look at these capping machines that use conveyor systems.

Capping machines with cap conveyors

Centrifuge machines

These centrifuge machines are made from stainless steel material to make them suitable for places that are exposed to high temperatures and humidity, as well of the risk of dripping liquids which could otherwise affect the mechanical functions of the machine due to stains and corrosion.

They are perfect for aluminum and plastic caps used frequently in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry, especially in soft drink companies that also manufacture other types of beverages and need a machine that allows them to place different caps on their drinks. The machine can also be used for those companies that need to use a special type of cap, which require certain features.

Mechanical capping machine

This is also made of stainless steel to make it durable and resistant against any environmental conditions. Many pharmaceutical and food companies need a mechanical machine, which can be used for placing caps made of plastic or aluminum. It is ideal for placing caps with smaller diameters than their height and can deliver over 300 caps per hour.

Mechanical alveolar machine

The construction of this mechanical alveolar machine is 100% stainless steel. This makes it durable and guaranteed to avoid corrosion. It is also great for industries that require placing aluminum or plastic caps with an output of up to 600 caps per hour.

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