Cap Chute Technology for Your Business

Feeding capper systems with a cap chute are made for being consistent, adaptable, and reliable.  The mechanism on these machines seem to be the right option for those who are looking to improve their performance in their company, at the same time they look for competitive proficiency with other high quality factories in their product market.

There is no doubt that nowadays, those who can adapt themselves to the demands of the market are going to be more successful than others who are adamantly resistant to change. For that reason, you have to be a step ahead of the game in order to achieve all that your future customer will require from you, as well as closely examine your nearest competitors when they introduce innovations, and figure out how you can do it even better than them.

Cap chute in capping system technology

Technology is going on the fast track, and nothing can stop it. That is why your ability to adapt will have its reward. Entrepreneurship always goes hand in hand with the latest technology; you cannot separate the two.

In the sealing and capping industry, companies look for machines that can do the job accurately, as fast as possible and with no mistakes. That is where TeDelta comes in, by offering some of the best cap feeding systems including cap chutes with all those requirements, with a combination of efficiency and superior performance.

Types of cap feeding systems from TeDelta

This system works with our cap sorter machines, delivering caps at high speeds through a cap chute for a huge variety of bottles and containers. Among the machines with this feeding system, we find:

Centrifuge: The construction of the centrifuge machine is made with stainless steel, which makes it durable and guarantees you will not have to replace or repair it for a long, long time. It is ideal for companies that work with either plastic and aluminum caps, which makes it versatile. At the same time, it can be used for any other special cap design. The production capacity of this machine can be up to 1000 caps per hour.

Mechanical: The mechanical machine is also constructed using stainless steel. Aluminum and plastic caps can be used without any trouble on this machine, and it can also be used with caps that have a diameter less than their height.  The production output of this machine is up to 300 caps per hour, which makes it ideal for companies with small productions.

Mechanical Alveolar: The stainless steel material on this mechanical alveolar machine makes it both durable and reliable. It has a high performance no matter whether you are using plastic or aluminum caps. This machine can be perfect for caps with height greater than their diameter. The total output of this machine can reach up to 600 caps per hour, which is great for medium-sized production companies.

To see how a cap feeding system with cap chute can keep your business on the cutting edge, contact TeDelta today.