Cap Capper

If you are looking for the most avant-garde cap capper for your company’s bottles, which will be able to seal the biggest amount of bottles in the shortest time possible, then we have to tell you have come to the right place. In Tedelta we idealize, design and build the most effective machines and capping products in the global business.

With Tedelta’s machines, your company will increase its production levels up to numbers it has never reached before. Our cappers will boost up your numbers while hermetically sealing most types of bottles and containers that are used in the current market.

Our machines have the most advanced systems in the market, all of them developed by our incredible team of experts, engineers and technical designers, who are always working in order to improve our products so we can always please clients’ desires.

Our experience is abysmal

We are a company with more than 40 years in the global market, placing its mark in the international bottling world. We have worked with pretty much the most popular marks and biggest companies in the world, always improving their productions which is reason enough for them to constantly coming back to us.

Our machines are with no doubt, the most efficient cappers in the market. A cap capper from Tedelta has the amazing ability of sealing any kind of bottle with also any kind of cap, always giving a perfect and hermetic seal. These come with the most advanced systems, and that is what we are going to talk you about right now.


This machine will succeed in any task. It is made out of stainless steel so it has an incredible long lasting durability, meaning it will never rust and its strength is like no other machine in the market. This capper is able to cap an amount of 3000 bottles per hour and by doing so, boosting up your production numbers.


This capper has a rotary system that makes a fluid capping process. It can seal 3000 bph as well, but that number can be filled up by adding more capping heads so it gets to 6000 bph or even more. This is a machines that is completely autonomous and operator friendly as well.

Experts in making top quality cappers

We characterize ourselves because we idealize, design and build every product you’d see in our catalog. We are experts in the making of top quality cappers that are 100% original Tedelta products.

Through almost five decades we have grown as a company until becoming an international enterprise with numerous offices in the world. That has given us the opportunity to spread our vision and place our mark as well in the global market with our top quality products.

We believe in commitment and responsability

When you purchase a Tedelta cap capper you are making an alliance with a company that believes in commitment and responsibility. And taking that as our word, we offer you amazing post-sale services that no other offers.

You will get a two years full warranty with a high quality product, so you can be sure nothing will ever go wrong with your brand new machine. You will also get a series of instructional classes where you will learn all you need to know about our machine’s functionality.

Look for a cap capper in our web page. We are experts in the capping market. We have 24 hours attention service and we will answer all your questions. Personalized technical service. Secure payment mode. ¡Contact Us!