In the bottling industry there’s only one company that’s synonymous with perfection and an effective bottle sealing, and that’s Tedelta. We have the best options when it comes to capping solutions for any company out there, and with the best prices. Our products and machines will make your company’s sealing quality grow to the next level, all with efficiency and perfection.

Our machines have certified quality and effective sealing systems, and this will ensure a hermetic closure to all types of bottles with pretty much all caps used on the market. Whether they’re glass or plastic, or even aluminum, it doesn’t matter! Our machines and capping heads work with all types of caps, having amazing systems and long-lasting durability.

The highest of qualities

If you’re a part of the bottling industry, then you know, sealing is a really important, If not the most important step of the botting process. With the help of our machines you’ll experience a production increase in the fastest time, without jeopardizing the quality of each sealed bottle. Tedelta offers hermetic seal for each bottle in the fastest time. Our machines have avant-garde systems and technology, developed by our own amazing team of specialists that work so you can have the best quality and sealing experience.

Our cappers count with the most amazing sealing systems, having as a base, international quality standards and a 40 years knowledge we’ve gained through working with the most popular brands in the industry. Our products are all 100% original, and here are two examples.


If you’re looking for specific capping solution, we have the answer to that. A special service of made to measure capping machines. We’ll build a unique capper designed, tailored and measured to your expectations, from your specifications and suggestions. The bottling industry is really competitive, therefor, Tedelta’s custom machines are the best solution for you. Built by our experienced team of experts, we’ll make the perfect machine for you.


With this capping turret, you can seal your bottles with different types of plastic caps.  It is a high precision piece that will hermetically seal your bottles like no other will do. This piece is made of stainless steel which translates into maximum durability. And it’ll be the perfect addition to up your production line with 60000 bottles sealed per hour.

Contact us anywhere

Tedelta is an international company spread all over the world, and this means you can get to us no matter where you are. Having offices around the world allow us to magnify our reach and therefore, help more companies in the bottling industry get that perfect seal they are looking for.

Special services like no other

One of Tedelta’s biggest assets is to acknowledge that the sell is not over once the customer gets their order, and that’s the reason we offer special post-sale services that are unique and like no other. With each product you buy, you’ll get a free lifetime maintenance service provided by our own team of experts, and two years of full coverage warranty. Our biggest desire is not only to help you get that perfect seal on your bottles, but to make you feel secure and well-treated by us. That is the Tedelta experience!

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