Bottling Equipment

In the next article we are going to explain you how our bottling equipment work, giving our incredible capping machines the complement they need in order to give your company the boost you have always wanted.  Our products are nothing but the best tools you could possibly wish for taking your company to the next level in bottle capping, and here we are going to tell you why.

By using our machines you will be able to seal your bottles in the most precise way, while increasing the number of products you produce thanks to how fast our machines are when it comes to bottle filling and capping.

As a company we have been in the capping solution business during almost a half of century, making amazing machines that raise the bar for the competition by producing polished products with perfect and hermetic seal

In Tedelta, we are responsible for the design, build and overall manufacture of each one of the products we offer in our catalog, including of course, our original bottling equipment. Also, by being an international company, we are placed in the global market, which gives us an even better and closer approach to our clients, since we know what they really want within the international market and about quality.

Specialist in every aspect

We are specialist in making the most effective and operable original machines, which we assure you, will make your company’s quality really incomparable. We make one of a kind pieces of machinery that will work in the most perfect way in bigger or smaller production environments. The Tedelta capping machines will always perform in the right way, always giving you a hermetic seal.

All of our products are 100% original, made by our own hands and produced under the higher standards of international quality, and that’s why our products are so valuable and amazing. That statement includes every piece of equipment we offer, including our capping heads, which are waiting for you in our catalog, and as an example here’s these two.


This is Tedelta’s magnetic capping head, which is an amazing piece of equipment that will give you a perfect seal in any production measure. It has a system that allows it to use a rigid or a gripping chuck, able to change depending on the cap you’re capping with at the moment. It is made of stainless steel.


This capping head is also made of stainless steel, being a low maintenance piece of equipment with a long lasting durability. It can seal all kinds of glass bottles with almost any kind of aluminum cap and it can work with 18mm caps, 38mm caps and everything in between.

We’re placed all around the globe

One of the main reasons why Tedelta is so well-known and placed within the bottled products industry is because we’ve worked as an international enterprise during more than 40 years, owning and opening venues in different countries all around the world. We have been spreading our quality while improving the production numbers of some of the most popular brand of the world during almost a full half of century, and that pays off.

More than a capper

In Tedelta we specialize in selling effective capping machines and bottling equipment, but that doesn’t mean that’s not the only thing we do. We offer our clients the best post sale services, meaning that if you purchase one of our products, you’ll receive the high quality of the products and a lot much more.

We’ll give you a lifetime free maintenance service for all your Tedelta products, and instructional classes so you know how to work with our machines perfectly.

We are specialist on bottling equipment. Get in our web page and buy the capper you need. 24 hours personalized attention service. Quality guaranteed. Close technical service. Secure payment mode. Top quality products. Don’t think about it. Contact us!