Bottling and Capping Machine

A bottling and capping machine from Tedelta is the only thing you could possibly need in order to raise up the production levels in your company to numbers you have never reached before. We make the most effective machines with the best capping systems that are endorsed by our customers al

Our machines are able to seal the most numbers of bottles in the less amount of time, thanks to their avant-garde and unique technology and customized 100% original parts.

Four decades of experience support us

We count with more than 40 years of experience under our belt. We have been in the industry of making of the most qualified cappers for almost half of a century, and that time has given us the opportunity of learning and improving our systems and machines to their best level.

And by getting better in what we do, we have developed machines that had increased the production levels of some of the world’s most well-known companies and marks.

International and recognized

Since our products gives a perfect and hermetic sealing to all the kinds of bottles you can possibly work with, our quality has been recognized in the whole world, especially because we are an international company that works for a global number of clients.

We have offices in the whole world, something that has allowed us to spread our quality and vision in a lot a parts of the world, while making good working relations with our customers, since we care in responding at their expectations.

Our catalog is filled with all kinds of cappers, like the ones we’re about to talk you about. Cappers which quality is recognized in the whole world and that will make your company grow in the blink of an eye.


If you’re looking for efficiency, this bottling and capping machine is the best option for you. This duplex capper can seal bottles with different types of caps at the same time. You can seal with plastic and aluminum caps simultaneously and without a problem. Increase your production up to 6000 bph and produce the best sealed bottles ever.


This capping turret can make your production numbers go up to 3.000 bottles per hour. But if you want to, that number can be upgraded to 6000 bph just by installing more Tedelta capping heads to it. It works with different types of glass bottles.

We care about your production

We are constantly making an effort to always make the most perfect machines for our clients. But on top of that, we believe in the importance of maintaining a good and caring relationship with our clients.

Taking that as a premise, we like to offer our customers the high quality of the products so they feel safe on the bottling and capping machine they’re getting. Also we give a special service of free maintenance for a lifetime, so that way, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Also, we understand that difference and originality is the key to success, so we like to stand out from the rest not only by offering special post sale services but for selling 100% original products.

We design, manufacture and build all of our products right from scratch, so that way we can assure you will get nothing but the best capping products in the whole industry.

To get the most effective bottling and capping machine in the market, go into our web page. We give a two years guarantee plus personalized technical service. Secure payment mode. Experts in the area. Don’t look anymore and ¡Contact Us!