Bottle Filling Plant

If you own a bottle filling plant and want to increase the production numbers of it, then you have come to the right place. Here we have the best filling and capping machines of the whole industry and at the best prices. With Tedelta you’ll see the fastest increase in your company, and that will happen thanks to the amazing technology within our cappers.

Getting one of our capping machines is the perfect solution for you to rise up your numbers with the most hermetically sealed bottles of the market. We offer you the most avant-garde technology and capping machines that will be just perfect for your company. All of our products will seal all kind of bottles in the less amount of time and that you will only experience it with Tedelta cappers.

International quality and worldwide recognition

Tedelta is an international company that has placed itself in the international market with a lot of offices around the world. We’re placed in a nice spot in front of international customers, being them the ones who always come back asking for new products and capping machines from us, for their companies. Also, by being an international enterprise, we have worked with the most prestigious and popular marks in the international market, which has given us a worldwide recognition.

We have adapted ourselves to the international standards of quality in terms of bottled products. Our machines are one of a kind pieces of quality that will make an impact in your bottle filling plant from the first moment you work with them, and a clear example of that is the machines we are going to talk you about right now.


If you’re looking for efficacy and simplicity in terms of systems and capping process, this semi-automatic capper is your best option. The capping process is completely automatic, and placing of the cap, prior to the capping itself is manual. With this capper you will seal your bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. This is just perfect for glass or plastic bottles.


In case you’re looking for decapping your returnable bottles, or if you’re a company that works with recycled bottles, this decapping machine is going to be the perfect tool for you. It has long lasting durability and decaps glass bottles from plastic, aluminum and twist off caps.

Our post sale services are breathtaking

Our machines are made of the best materials in the market, and if you purchase our products, you will be getting the best of the best. But in the other hand, we know that sometimes, machines need a little love, and to help you with that we offer unique post sale services that no other company offers.

If you purchase from us, you’ll get the high quality of the products complemented with a service of high quality warranty so your machines can always work at their best. We also offer you a 24 hours personalized attention service where you can place all your doubts because we assure you they will be answered.

We have the experience of 40+ years

We’ve been here for more than 40 years, working non-stop for our clients, giving them the best cappers for their bottle filling plant. We are constantly improving our systems and machines, and since all of our products are made by ourselves, we know how to make them perfect for you.

All of the products in our catalog are 100% original and qualified Tedelta pieces of machinery. Our company is filled with real professionals in the area, and we’ll assure to you the best capping machines and products if you get a Tedelta original.

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