Bottle Equipment

If you are looking for the most avant-garde bottle equipment of the industry, so you can finally improve in terms of bottling production numbers within your company, let us tell you, you have entered in the right webpage.

Our capping machines and amazing products will make your company reach the next level of excellence. You will seal your bottles in the most precise way, with a hermetic quality and one of a kind results.

In Tedelta we count with a team of experts, willing to make the most effective cappers and bottle equipment of the international market. Our products will give you the highest quality seal, thanks to their avant-garde and original machinery parts like our Tedelta capping heads.

We are incomparable machines makers

We are a company that has more than 40 years in the industry, being responsible for the design, build, and manufacture of all of the products we offer in our catalog. That allow us to assure great and unique quality in our products.

We only make original machines, with incomparable quality, so if you purchase one of them, you will be getting the best of capping products. Ours are one of a kind machines that work perfectly in any production environment.

All of our products are 100% original, starring the highest standards in the capping business. Our cappers use the most effective capping heads of the global market, which are also made by ourselves. These are the best chucks, and to show you, here are a couple of our best quality capping heads.


We introduce you Tedelta’s magnetic capping head. This one will give you a perfect seal in any production environment in the quickest way. With a system that will make your machine able to use a rigid or a gripping chuck and to work with different types of caps, this capping head will close your bottles in the most effective way. By being made of stainless steel, is a low maintenance machinery part with high quality.


With the help of this capping head you will be able to seal all kinds of glass bottles with the effectiveness of aluminum caps. It is made of stainless steel as well, and while working with caps from 18mm to 38mm, it will give your bottles a hermetic quality seal. We assure your bottles will never spill out their content if you cap them using this head.

We have international status

Tedelta has worked for several years, positioning ourselves in the international market and offering the best bottle equipment in many countries, which has given us a really huge exposure. We have venues in numerous countries and places around the world, spreading our quality to each continent, and improving the production numbers within some of the most popular marks in the market.

More that cappers and equipment

In Tedelta we are specialist in the making of capping and machine equipment, but we characterize by offering the most amazing post sale services to our clients. We are constantly looking to offer our clients better services and experiences, and with that, if you purchase one of your products, you will get the high quality of the products on that one.

We also offer a reliable service for your Tedelta products, and on top of that, a series of free instructional classes where you will learn how to manipulate our machines in the smoothest way.

You can get our bottle equipment in our web page. Buy the capping machine you need. 24 hs attention service. Quality guaranteed. Personalized technical service. Secure payment mode. Original pieces. International company. Contact us!