Bottle Caps and Capper

In order to find the perfect bottle caps and capper you need to get into our web store. Tedelta is the best option you might have for getting the perfect cappers for your company. In Tedelta we are specialists in the making and selling of the most incredible capping machines which will not only help you seal  more bottles but also lift up the status of your company.

We are all over the world

Tedelta is an international company with more than 40 years of experience in the business while spreading its wings trough the world, and that is a fact since we have offices and branches almost everywhere, all ready to attend our customers no matter where they are.

We make the most qualified machines for the bottle production market, and thanks to our international status, we have been able of work with pretty much the most prestigious companies and marks there are in the world.

It is safe to say all of our clients have felt satisfied with the quality and systems of our machines, which has been reason enough for them to always come back to ask us for new products and just keep enjoying the quality of our bottle caps and capper.

We have an endless catalog of products that happens to have on it, the most effective cappers in the business. They all have passed the most rigorous quality tests so we can really assure you that our machines are ready to seal as much bottles you need to. An example of that are the cappers we are going to talk you about just now.


This machine is one of our best products, since it has the best capping systems in the market. Thanks to it, you will boost up your production up to a 3000 bottles per hour number. It is also one of the fastest machines you will see in the market, and it can apply all types of aluminum caps in different kinds of glass bottles.


This capper will help you seal your bottles with a numerous variety of plastic caps. It works with all the different types of bottles in the market. And since it is made of stainless steel, it doesn’t need much maintenance. It is completely operator-friendly and has higher durability standards than others machines.

Original is our second name

Our bottle caps and capper is a Tedelta product just like everything we sell in our web store, and with that we mean all of our products are 100% originals, which means they are all designed and manufactured by us from scratch.

We are responsible for every single detail in our products, from the machines to all the different types of heads and replacement parts and even more. That is why you will not find Tedelta’s quality anywhere else but here.

We want everything to be all-right for you

We, as the company that makes the bottle caps and capper, know that sometimes problems may occur, and we want to get you covered in case something undesired happens with your Tedelta machine.

That Is why on top of purchasing a capper, you will be getting an incredible two years guarantee and a reliable service handed by our amazing team of experts.

But just in case that doesn’t seems enough for you, we will also give you a series of instructional classes for you and your workers, so you can learn how to work with our systems and to take the most advantage out of our machines.

Get the best bottle caps and capper in the market, only in our web page. We have tons of products waiting for you. 24 hours personal attention service. We will answer all your questions. Guaranteed quality. Experts in the business. We are like no other company. Contact us!