Bottle Caps and Closures

In order to find the perfect machine that works with most bottle caps and closures like no other in the market, you need to stay right here, because Tedelta is the best option you might have in order to accomplish that. We are specialists in the making and selling of the most effective and qualified capping machines in the whole global market.

We are leaders in the global market

Tedelta is an international company with offices and venues in various countries. We also count with more than 40 years of experience in the business. Those are facts that we have taken into our own advantage so we can make the most qualified machines for the bottle production market.

It is safe to say all of our clients have always felt satisfied with the quality and systems of our machines, but it is also right to say that they feel safe purchasing cappers and bottling products with us, since we offer services that no other company offers, like the high quality of the products that will cover everything that might happen to your new machine.

We have an endless catalog of products that includes not only the most effective cappers in the business, but also the most successful parts of bottling machinery you can imagine, like our original capping heads; those that will work with most bottle caps and closures with no effort, just like these examples we are going to talk you about right now.


This is one of Tedelta’s best capping heads, and it can seal all kinds of glass bottles with a huge number of aluminum caps. It is made of stainless steel, which gives it a long lasting durability and strength. It can be used in different Tedelta machines and it is very versatile when it comes to caps.


This capping head can seal your bottles with all types of plastic and push-on caps in the most hermetic way thanks to its capping system. Is it made of stainless steel and it is really versatile. It also changes its capping system depending on the bottle caps and closures it’s working with. This head it’s probably one of our best yet.

Originality is our mark

By now, you now our products are sell in a lot of places, but what you don’t now is that all of our products are 100% originals, which means they are all designed, manufactured and polished by our incredible team of experts and engineers.

We are responsible for every single detail in our products, which is exactly the reason why you will not find Tedelta’s quality in any other machines but ours.

We want you to feel safe

We, as a company that makes cappers, know that sometimes problems may happen, and that sometimes those problems can be a total headache for you, and we don’t want that to happen to you. So, in case something bad happens with your Tedelta machine, we got you.

By purchasing a Tedelta original machine, you will be getting, like we said before, the high quality of the products, but this time complemented with a service of high quality warranty handed by our amazing team of experts who are ready to take care of your machines whenever you need them to.

But if that is not enough for you, you will be also getting a series of instructional classes, so you can learn how to work with our systems and to take the most out of our machines.

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