Bottle Capping Machines

To find the most effective bottle capping machines, there is no best option than Tedelta. We are a company that has the pleasure of working with the best specialist in the selling of the most qualified machines to seal the biggest amount of bottles in the best way possible.

Our machines has the ability to speed up the capping process of most types of bottles, while doing it in an incredibly hermetic and precise way.

We have the expertise of a long career

Tedelta has more than 40 years working in the bottling industry, and through the pass of years, we have learn how to perfect our bottle capping machines. That experience help us make the best cappers in the market in order to help your company grow in the fastest way.

We have a long career in the international scene, having offices spreaded all over the world, which has helped us get a huge number of clients and by so, learn from them and from what they want, so that way we can keep improving the way we make our products.

We have a large catalog of products. We are always trying to make better and most effective machines in order to satisfy our customer’s exigencies. Which is why we still, nowadays, making and developing new systems for our machines, just like the ones we are about to show you right now.


This machine’s Pick-off system makes it give a hermetic capping for different types of bottles. It can help your production go up to 3000 bottles per hour, and if you upgrade it with extra capping heads, it can get up to 6000 bph.


This capper works with a Pick and Place system, which is a totally effective system that is perfect to seal plastic bottles and containers. It is completely autonomous and really easy to use in case you decide to place an operator to control it. It is really fast and it has and incredible value of durability.

Our products has no comparison

We, as a company have a settled goal, and that goal is to give you nothing but the best capping products in the market. In Tedelta we have been dedicated for more than four decades to the designing manufacturing of bottle capping machines; machines that are like no other in the market since every single detail on them is first approved by the most rigorous inspection system so we can always be sure we are offering nothing but the best.

We make the most resistant machines that have the strength for complete its tasks while needing the minimum level of maintenance. And that all thanks to the stainless steel structure our machines have.

We are leaders in the market

The huge diversity of systems and bottle capping machines we have in our catalog will make you see that everything we are saying to you right now is truth. Our machines are like no other and we are real leaders in the market, making capper for some of the most recognized marks in the world. Tedelta’s machines are long lasting, adaptable, effective and faster than most.

In Tedelta our main interest are you and your company, which is why we work so hard in always keep upgrading our systems, so our clients can be satisfied and feel save with their purchase.

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