Introduction to Bottle Capping Machine

Although there are several variations, in general the bottle capping machine is a very simple machine, yet thoroughly modernized due to its compact design and versatile features. These automatic capping machines are designed to be used extensively in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, pesticide, and other industries. They are ideal for coiling of plastic caps and tamper-proof lids.

Features of a high quality automated bottle capping machine

A quality bottle capping machine offers numerous advantages to manufacturers:

  1. These capping machines can be adjusted to the height of the conveyor belt.
  2. Can reach speeds in excess of 60 caps per minute.
  3. Capping equipment has a height adjustment to accommodate many bottle sizes.
  4. The machine is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy.
  5. Control system makes use of a programing controller.
  6. Comes equipped with a human interface.
  7. These automatic capping machines have up to 20 memory area groups or more, memorizing parameters.

Types of capping machines

There are several different types of bottle capping machines on the market. According to your needs, you will choose the most suitable one for your production operation before buying it.

A bottle capping machine for plastic caps and a wide range of containers: with soft discs that do not damage the caps, but with an excellent capping performance. This machine can seal up to 70 bottles per minute.

Rotating capping machine that places the cap internally and externally: you simply have to put the caps inside the dispenser apparatus, and they will fall onto the conveyor belt and continue with the sealing process automatically. Applicable to a single type of cap. For different types of caps, you will need to change the bottles’ conveyor belt according to the size and the shape of the cap. One capping head can seal around 1500-2500 bottles per hour, while two capping heads can seal approximately 2500-4000 bottles per hour.

Pressure capping machines are ideal for buckets, paint cans, etc. The capping head can seal up to 1500 containers per hour (the operator can control the speed). It is ideal for plastic and metallic caps. They may include an optional capping feeder and automatic conveyor belt for containers.

Whatever your option might be, the correct bottle capping machine can accomplish any need you have in order to fulfill the requirements of your production operation. Make sure you understand all capping machine specifications before deciding on a piece of equipment.

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