Bottle capping machine UK

By getting a bottle capping machine uk you will be doing the right thing to produce the most perfectly sealed bottles. If you want to increase your production numbers, then you have come to the right place, because in Tedelta, there is no doubt we can help you accomplishing that.

Tedelta is an international company that has a lot of offices all over the world, and thanks to that extension of our vision, we have been able to work with the most prestigious marks and companies in the world. Therefor we know what the market wants and most importantly, to know what our clients really want from a capping machine.

We have the expertise of being in the business for more than 40 years, selling and making the most effective cappers in the world. Full filing all of our clients’ expectations and even tap them. That is why we are the perfect option for you and your company.

We are specialist

Our primary interest as a company that is specialist in all the different capping systems, is that every product you get from us works perfectly and fulfill your expectations. That is why we work so hard in always try to make the best machines just for you.

Our machines are 100% originals, which means they are all made by us, and out of the best materials in the market as well as they are also design by the most qualified team to do it, so we can assure you will only get the best quality in a bottle capping machine uk.

Our systems are the best

We know that the capping and bottling industry is very competitive so it’s important to have unique machines that can really get a perfect job done for you and your interests, which is why we present variety when it comes to specialized capping machines. Our machines integrates different systems each, and they work perfectly fine together; an affirmation we can do because all of our products are studied and tested before to be presented to the world.

You can choose between a rotary system machine and an In-Line one. Also, we have semiautomatic machines, completely automatic ones, integrated ones and even more. The options are infinite, and an example of that are the machines we are going to show right now.


This bottle capping machine uk has an excellent pick-off system that makes the machine increase your production up to 3000 bph. It is able to close hermetically almost any kind of glass bottles with a huge variety of aluminum caps.


This one has lineal system which is totally automatic and it is originally made for smaller production companies. This machine is totally autonomous, which means it doesn’t need an operator to manipulate it and make it work. This will speed up even more the production of your company.

The perfect tool for your company

A bottle capping machine uk is the perfect solution for your company. It will increase your production numbers, it will perfect the sealing of your products, and even make you feel like you are on top of the world.

When you get one of our machines, you are not only getting a capping machine, because you will be getting the perfect tool to accomplish all your desires and goals when it comes to your company.

If you buy one of our products, you’ll get a two years guarantee, with personalized technical service for your Tedelta machine, plus a lifetime maintenance service so your machines won’t ever present a serious problem.

Buy an excellent bottle capping machine uk or in any other country on the globe in our web page. We have our best machines waiting for you. We have an excellent 24 hs personal attention service. Secure payment mode. Technical service at national level. Two years guarantee. ¡Contact us!