Bottle capping machine price

To find a nice bottle capping machine price that goes along with your budget, you don’t have to look no more, because here in Tedelta we have the best cappers for you and at the best price of the market.

In our web store you can find an endless catalog of capping machines and a bunch of other products that are all made for the only purpose of help you increase you production numbers as well as the quality of the sealing.

There are no machines like Tedelta’s

The capping machines we offer in our web store are all designed, constructed and manufactured by us, as well as the replacement parts for them. That way we can assure you total quality and commitment to your production process, with a product that will keep the same technology no matter what.

In Tedelta, we take very seriously that our customers are always happy and satisfied with our products, and that’s because, our main goal is for them to increase their sales by using any bottle capping machine price that fits your thoughts.

In order to accomplish your expectations we make the best capping machines in the market, which are able of give your bottles a perfect and hermetic seal, just like the cappers we are about to talk you about right now.


This machine comes with a pick-off system like no other, which allows your production get to a 3.000 bph number. Also, thanks to its extra heads, that number can be increased to 60.000 bph. It works with different types and sizes of glass bottles.


This capping machine allows you to seal your bottles with a huge variety of plastic caps. It also works with all the different types of bottles in the market, glass, plastic, and more. It is made of stainless steel which makes it a tool that doesn’t need much maintenance. It is also completely operator-friendly.

Supported by our experience

Tedelta is a company that can offer you any bottle capping machine price that goes along with the times, and that is because we have more than 40 years in the business, designing, manufacturing, building and selling all kinds of cappers for our customers.

The most important thing to us is that our machines allow our clients to increase their productions and their earnings, helped by the certified quality that we offer.

Trough the past four decades we have built not only tons of machines and parts. We have also built strong relationships with our clients, which can be supported by the fact they have all came back looking for new products.

We offer you the whole package

In Tedelta we like to maintain the relationship with the client even after the selling of the product is done. But on top of that, among getting a machine or a Tedelta product, you will be getting the whole experience which is one of the most generous in the market.

That is because all of our machines comes with a unique two year guarantee, plus a personalized and generous post-sale service, which includes not only the guarantee, but also induction classes so in your company, everyone can learn how to manipulate the machine in a perfect way. And if it is not enough, we give you and a lifetime maintenance service for all of the machines you have bought with us.

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