Looking for a Bottle Capper Machine for Sale?

If you are looking for a bottle capper machine for sale, you want to make sure that your investment pays off for many years to come. For that reason, it’s important to choose a quality piece of equipment from a reputable company like TEDELTA. TEDELTA is dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of capping equipment for businesses large and small all over the world. Major multinational companies and smaller enterprises trust us because of our many decades of experience in this field, the quality materials and craftsmanship in our products, and our superior level of customer support and service.

So, for any business looking for a bottle capper machine for sale, look no further than one of these options from TEDELTA, all built with stainless steel for maximum durability. Setup and service is available no matter where your facility is located.

Bottle capper machine for sale: rotary systems

At TEDELTA, we have two different models of rotary bottle capping machines to choose from depending on the specific needs of your business. First, the TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST, which uses a pick-off cap chute delivery mechanism, and second, the TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR, which uses a highly versatile pick-and-place system. Both of these capper machines for sale are appropriate for the most demanding manufacturing environments, reaching up to 60,000 bph depending on the number of heads fitted to the machine. The pick-off system is ideal for glass containers and aluminum caps that are molded to fit over the threads of the container, while the pick-and-place system can be used for a number of different containers and caps.

Bottle capper machine for sale: inline systems

TEDELTA also has two models of inline bottle capping machines, which are suitable for small-batch operations and other lower volume manufacturers. Both the TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST (pick-off system) and the TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR (pick and place) can reach outputs of up to 3,000 bph. They work with a single capping head that works with maximum efficiency in a smaller format appropriate for small businesses. Like the rotary models, the pick-off mechanism is best for glass containers with caps like Stelvin caps, and the pick-and-place system allows for all sorts of different materials and cap shapes to be used.

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