Bottle Capper Canada

If you are looking for the best bottle capper Canada, you don’t have to look anywhere else. In Tedelta we have the most effective capping solutions for your company, and at the best prices. In our catalog, which is immense, we have tons of capping machines and other products of the same nature waiting for you to purchase them and start increasing the numbers of your company like never before.

We offer you the most advanced capping solutions, with avant-garde technology that will you’re your company get a boost on its production, so you can produce even more bottles with a hermetic seal and professional quality.

We are makers of high quality products

Our capping machines are high quality products, and if you get a bottle capper Canada, you can be completely sure that you will be getting the best of the best. A capper made by an incredible team of experts in the area that will fulfill all your expectations and even top them with its quality seal.

We’ve been making the most incredible machines and developing effective working systems for almost 50 years now. And we have been working hard through all these years designing, manufacturing and constructing the most amazing machines and capping solutions of the global market just to help our customers produce a bigger amount of bottles with a better quality seal.

All of our products are totally and 100% originals Tedelta pieces. We offer nothing but the best products, which our customers can look on our huge catalog, where you would find excellent cappers, just like the ones we are going to show you right now.


This Tedelta semi-automatic capping machine is going to be the most efficient tool for your company to give a better closure to the bottles you’re working with, with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. It will give your bottles a hermetic seal like no other machine, and it is made of stainless steel, which gives a long lasting durability to it, turning it into a low maintenance machine.


We also offer our clients a special service that includes the making of custom made capping machines, manufactured after your demands and specifications. We will make for you, the best stainless steel custom made machine, equipped with our best all-original machinery parts. This machine can be of any size you want it to be and it can have multiple capping systems on it. It is all up to you.

We’ve worked with and for the most popular clients

Tedelta, being an international company, has worked for some of the most popular and successful companies around the world. We have distributed our effective products in almost every place there is in the world, increasing companies’ production numbers everywhere.

So if you want to purchase a bottle capper Canada, you can do it easily. We count with the experience and knowledge on how the global market works, so you can be sure that you will be getting products from a company that really knows the market and wants the best for you and your company.

Services that are out of this world

We like to have our customers’ back, which is why we offer some amazing post-sale services, like our reliable service, handed by our team of experts, our the the high quality of the products you will be getting just by purchasing one of our products.

If something happens to your new Tedelta machine, you can feel safe, because we will take care of it and your production will never go down.

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