Bottle Cap Torque Tester

Getting a bottle cap torque tester for your company is the perfect first step you can make to produce the most perfectly sealed bottles in the market, and that you can only find it with us here in Tedelta. If your goal is to increase your production numbers so your company becomes the one that produces the best capped bottles, then you have come to the right place.

Tedelta is an international company that has numerous offices all around the globe, which has given us the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious marks and companies in the world. And it is the experience we have taken from those opportunities the ones that have given us the ability to know what the market really wants along to the expertise to be in the business for more than 40 years straight.

We unique working systems

We know that in the capping and bottling industry, variety is an important thing, since not all bottles are the same nor the caps and of course nor are the exigencies of and specific market. That is exactly why we work so hard into making the best and most advanced systems for our machines.

Our machines integrates different systems each, so together they can just be the best machines in the market, indifferently if it is an automatic capper or a bottle cap torque tester. The options are innumerable, and a good example of it are the machines we are about to show you right now.


This capping machine presents an excellent pick-off system and a rotary system that allows the machine to increase your production up to 3000 bottles per hour, although it can get to 6000 bph if a second capping head is added. It is able to hermetically close with almost any kind of aluminum caps of a whole variety of glass bottles.


This machine is designed for small productions, but it can totally compete with our other machines’ work. It has an automatic lineal system which means the machine doesn’t need an operator to make it cap the bottles, this will reduce even more the production timing in your company.

Our machines are guaranteed success

Our primary interest as a company is that every single product you get from us works perfectly and fulfill your expectations. In that matter, and Tedelta being filled with specialist in all the different capping systems there are, we are constantly developing new machines such as our bottle cap torque tester.

Tedelta’s machines are made of the best materials and they are design by the most qualified team to do it: Our team. Our machines are 100% originals, which means they are all made by us, as well as the replacement parts for them, the extra pieces and more.

The perfect deal

When buying a Tedelta’s bottle cap torque tester, you have to know that you will not be only getting a capper, but the perfect tool to accomplish a fast increase in your production levels, plus all excellent post-sale services we have for you.

By getting one of our products, you will get the perfect deal: A two years complete warranty, with personalized instructional classes so you can learn how to perfectly manipulate your Tedelta machine. And if that wasn’t enough, you will receive a reliable service executed by our qualified team, so your machines won’t damage.

Buy an excellent bottle cap torque tester through our web store. We are experts in the making and selling of the most effective capping machines. 24 hs and personal attention service. We have the best machines for you. Secure payment mode. Contact us!