Bottle Cap Tightener

Here in our web store you can find the most effective bottle cap tightener for your machine. In Tedelta we are experts in the making of the most qualified capping machines in the market so as all the different products that comes within.

We are a company that has more than 40 years in the industry, and all these years have given us the ability to know how to design, built and manufacture the best cappers to seal any type of bottles, so as the replacement parts for them.

We make our own products

Just like we hint before, all of our products are completely and 100% original, meaning we design from scratch, manufacture and built every single one of the products there are in our catalog. From the capping heads, to the actual cappers and passing through a bottle cap tightener, we are responsible for our own products.

Also, we are always upgrading the systems that makes our machines work to perfection. A clear example of that are the machines we are about to show you right now.


This capping machine has an excellent pick-off system that makes the machine to increase the production of your company up to 3000 bottles per hour. It hermetically closes with almost any kind of aluminum caps a diverse variety of glass bottles for beverages, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and even more. It is made of stainless steel and also long lasting.


This machine is designed for small productions, but it can be just as efficient as our other machines. This machine’s lineal system does an incredible work sealing bottles in the less amount of time. Also, it is totally automatic; which means it doesn’t need an operator to work. That will rise up your production numbers even higher.

We have the best team

Although our machines can easily do all the work for you, that wouldn’t be able without a group of people that designs and make them.

That is why in Tedelta, in order to always give our clients the perfect bottle cap tightener, or the fastest capper, we have hired the most prepared professionals in the area of making capping machines.

Our designers and engineers are the most qualified in the industry, able of making machines even based on our clients’ request. There are no limits for them.

 You deserve the best and we give it to you

We care about our clients as much as we care on their production levels to be the higher in the market. That is why if you get a bottle cap tightener from our web store, you will also be receiving a like-no-other two years guarantee.

Also, we offer you a series of instructional classes for you and your workers, so everyone in your company can learn how to work with our machines in a perfect way.

And in case you don’t think that’s enough, and because we want to maintain a friendly post-purchase relation with you, we give you a totally reliable service for all of the machines you have bought and for sure will buy with us.

In Tedelta we want to make sure you are happy and comfortable with our services and machines, so we care about always apply new techniques into the making of our products. We want you to always have the best quality, so come and get a Tedelta product, you will not regret it.

Buy the best bottle cap tightener for your company. Get in our web page and buy the product you are looking for. Take your company to the next level. We have a 24 hs attention service and a huge catalog waiting for you. Quality Guaranteed. Don’t think about it. Contact us!