Bottle Balancer

Tedelta’s bottle balancer machine is simply the best piece you could possibly have in your company to finally reach a visibly increase in your production numbers. With Tedelta’s help you will get the fastest boost in your company while getting the most hermetic seal in each one of the bottles you produce.

Let us tell you that if you’re looking for an effective way to increase your numbers, you have come to the right place. We work with the most avant-garde technology in the business and our machines are made under the highest standards. Our products will seal all kind of bottles in the less amount of time, and that we will prove to you in the next article.

International recognition

Tedelta is an international company that will not only offer you the most effective bottle balancer of the global market, but a bunch of other capping products that are internationally recognized as the best. With a pretty high number of offices around the world, we have placed ourselves to being in a nice spot within the international customers’ eye.

So that we have gained the possibility of working with the most prestigious and popular companies in the global market, being the most successful in the selling of bottled products.  And is thanks to that experience that we have adapted ourselves to being completely competent within the international standards.

Our machines are one of a kind pieces full of quality and efficacy that will make an impact on your company from the first moment they start sealing your bottles. They seal in the most precise way, and a clear example of that are the machines we are going to show you right now.


This is one of Tedelta’s best semi-automatic capping machines. If you’re looking for an effective result, hermetic seal and simplicity in terms of systems, this is the one for you. With this machine, the capping process is completely automatic. You will be able to work with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. Made of stainless steel it has an incredible durability, and is perfect for glass or plastic bottles.


Now, this is a decapping machine that works perfectly with returnable bottles or recycled glass bottles. This Tedelta decapping machine is the perfect solution for you. Manufactured on stainless steel, it has long lasting durability. Its decapping system allows it to pull off the cap in the most secure way preventing the bottle to break apart. It decaps plastic, aluminum and twist off caps.

Our post sale services are just breathtaking

Our products made of the best materials in the market, specially our bottle balancer and other capping machines. But even though they are the best, we would like you to feel completely safe with your purchase, which is why we offer amazing and unique post sale services that can’t be compared to other companies’.

With us, you will get the high quality of the products complemented by an amazing service of high quality warranty so you can always be sure on your machines working capacity. We also have a 24 hs personalized attention service where we will clear all your doubts and questions.

Experience is our presentation card

We’ve been in the game for more than 40 years, where we have learn all about the bottle capping market. Although, we are constantly improving our systems and machines, so we can give you the best experience.

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