Best Closures

In Tedelta we are experts in the making of the most qualified capping machines that will give you the best closures when it comes to bottle capping. We are a company with more than 40 years in the industry, and all these years have given us the chance to learn how to design, build and sell the best cappers in the world which will seal any type of bottles.

Our quality is unique

Is important for us to tell you that all of our products are completely and 100% original, meaning we design from scratch, and then construct every single one of the products there are in our catalog. All of it, from the capping heads, to the systems and of course the cappers. We are responsible for our own products.

As a company, we like to only offer our customers the best closures on their bottles, which is why we are always upgrading the systems of our machines, making them one of a kind cappers that will left no space to disappointments. Our cappers seal with the most avant-garde capping heads in the market, and that we will show you right now.


Tedelta’s magnetic capping head is designed to give a perfect sealing with screw-on plastic caps. It has a system that allows it to use a rigid chuck or a gripping one depending on the kind of cap you want it to screw. It is a high quality product with low maintenance requirements.


This is one of Tedelta’s best capping heads. It has been designed to seal all kinds of glass bottles with a huge variety of aluminum caps. It is made of stainless steel, and it can work with caps that goes from 18mm to 38mm of diameter. This head can also be used in different Tedelta machines just by using the proper adapter. That way it will give you the best closures in all your bottles.

You can find us anywhere

One of the main reasons why Tedelta is well-known in the world is because we are a company that over more than 40 years in the business, has grown to become an international enterprise, owning tons of offices in a bunch of countries all around the world.

That is why Tedelta has also worked with the most prestigious marks and companies, spreading our quality to different places and by so, improving and raising the bar in the bottling business.

You deserve the best

We care about our clients as much as we care on their production levels, and taking that as a premise, we are constantly working to offer you better options and promotions that no other company will give you.

With us, you will receive the high quality of the products just by purchasing a capping machine, so that way you will be assured in having a functional product.

And speaking of functional products; we know machines need maintenance, and although Tedelta’s doesn’t need that much, is best for them to receive maintenance from the experts, which is why we offer you a lifetime free maintenance service for all your Tedelta cappers.

In Tedelta we want to make sure you feel comfortable with the services and machines we offer you. We want you to always have the best quality, and that you can only get it with our products that are one of a kind.

Buy cappers that will give you the best closures you’ve ever had in your company. Get in our web page and buy the capping machine you need. Take your company to the next level. We have a 24 hs attention service. Quality Guaranteed. Don’t think about it. Contact us!