Beer Bottle Capping Machine

In the next article we will talk to you about our beer bottle capping machine, which is the best of the global market. In Tedelta we want to help you increase the production levels of your company in the fastest way possible, that’s why we sell the most effective capping machines, with avant-garde technology and amazing durability.

Our capping machines will give your bottles the most effective and hermetic seal of all times, thanks to their amazing working technology and systems, which we have develop for each one of them in order to help you increase your production in the fastest way.

The experience of 40 years is by our side

We are an international company that has worked for more than 40 years in the bottle production industry, making cappers and some other products of the same matter. We count with a huge number of offices all around the world, and that has helped us reach the international status we enjoy today, spreading our quality to almost every corner of the world.

All the time we have worked in the industry has given us the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious marks and bottled products companies in the market, by improving our products and working systems, and raising the bar for the competition bottle after bottle.

And in that note, we have to show you how amazing a beer bottle capping machine from us is, and that is exactly what we are going to do right now.


With the help of Tedelta’s semi-automatic capper, you will be able of closing your bottles with any type of aluminum or plastic cap. With this machine, you will get a hermetic seal to your bottles, whether they are glass or plastic ones. It can be boosted up by adding a second capping head to it, and by so, making your production go to 6000 bottles per hour.


In the other hand, knowing how important is for bigger companies to have machines that carries out in the most exigent productions standards, we offer our clients machines that are part of a special service that includes the making of custom cappers built on our customers’ wishes.

For this machines, we considerate the specifications from our clients in order to make perfect cappers based on their requirements. These machines are of course equipped with original Tedelta parts and systems.

Increasing with original quality

All of the products we offer are 100% originals, and made by ourselves piece by piece. From the designing, the machinery parts, to the working systems and entire stainless steel body of each machine, our products are without a doubt, Tedelta original products.

With the help of a beer bottle capping machine from Tedelta, you will get a total increase in your company’s production from the very first second.

More services for you

Although a Tedelta machine is practically perfect, that doesn’t mean they are absent of presenting little troubles sometimes, therefore we offer special post sale services that will get you covered in case problems occur.

By purchasing one of our products, you’ll get the high quality of the products, and in case that’s not enough, you’ll also recieve a high quality warranty service that will save you from any trouble.

You will also get a series of free instructional classes where you will learn how a Tedelta machine works and how to manipulate it.

We have a 24 hs personalized attention service where you can place all your doubts, and we assure you will get a fast an effective respond.

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