Automatic Capping Machine

Our automatic capping machine is a product that has a great level of utility at the bottling companies, that is why they speed up the capping process of most types of bottles in the market, as well as they do it in an incredibly optimum way.

Through the pass of years, there are more and more companies interested in getting capping machines to increase their production levels. And to get the best machines, there’s just one option, and that is Tedelta.

We have a long career in the international scene, as well as a large catalog of products, that’s why our clients are never unhappy, because we put all of our experience in every machine, piece and product we make.

Simply the best products

We have only one goal, and that is offer you only the best products, with the most precise capping systems in the market. In Tedelta we have been dedicated to the manufacturing of machinery and tools that are up to today’s expectations.

We also make resistant machines that have the strength to go through time with the minimum level of maintenance needed. And that is thanks to the stainless steel that we use to make every single one of our products added to a couple more things that we’re about to show you.

Different systems, same quality

We know as a company, what a company needs, and what it needs is variety of systems. That’s exactly why we have so many systems and products in our web store waiting for you.

Rotary machines

This machines can go up to 3000 bph, but if you upgrade them with new heads, it can accomplish 6000 bph. This model of machine is presented in two kinds.


Its Pick-off system allows this machine the ability of giving a trust-worthy capping for different types of bottles.


With a Pick and Place system, this automatic capping machine is ideal for the screw capping, PET, Sport Cap, Flip top and a lot more.

Inline machines

This type of machines are totally autonomous and really fast. They are as well made form stainless steel and their durability is amazing.


With a Pick and Place working system, this automatic capping machine present an intermittent star system that is actually really comfortable and positive for the production process of your company.


This machines have a Pick-Off system that gives a precise sealing for the bottles and an increased speed to the process.

Special design

Our machines with special capping systems are just like a normal automatic capping machine, but with the bonus that they are made by our customer’s petition. They are filled with different technologies and systems, all according to the client’s wishes.

Optimum quality

In Tedelta we don’t just care about offering you the best machine in the market, but also the chance of working with a machinery that works in optimum conditions and with the best quality in the market.

That’s why we also extend you, all the advisory and help you may need before and after you jump into getting one of our machines, plus the possibility of a personal and in-situ maintenance service from our team to each one of the machines you buyed with us, so they can verify the perfect working of the machine.

Get the best automatic capping machine in our web page, and live the Tedelta experience with perfect capping of all of your bottles. All of our products, machines and replacement parts are 100% originally made by us. Increase your production levels. Technical attention. Best prices in the market. Contact Us.