Automatic Capping Machine Video

Get the perfect automatic capping machine video that will help you learn all the important things you need to know, so you can perfectly use all the tools and characteristics that comes within one of our machines.

In Tedelta all we want is help your company to increase its production levels like never before, which is the reason why we are always improving our technologies and systems, so every single machine we have in our catalog accomplish the expectation levels and wishes you put on it.

Tedelta is excellence

As a company with more than 40 years in the labor of making and selling the most qualified and effective cappers in the global market, we have worked with the most prestigious marks there are; helping them increase their production numbers as well of the quality in the sealing of their bottles.

Not in vane we are a recognized company all around the world. We are an international mark that has tons of offices around the world, which gives us an amazing platform to sell our vision as a company to all bottling companies that could be interested in buying an automatic capping machine video with instructions that will help you manipulate in a better way the machine, and take benefit from it.

Our machines are by far, the most efficient machines you could use in your company, not only because of their amazing ability to seal any kind of bottle with a hermetic seal, but also because they present the most advanced systems for it, just like the machines that we are going to talk you about, just now.


This machine may be designed originally for small of specific production runs, but there is no doubt that no matter what, it will accomplish any task you give to it. Made out of stainless steel, it present an incredible durability and strength to cap an approximate amount of 3000 bottles per hour. It is able of seal any type of glass bottle with all kinds of aluminum caps, and it comes equipped with one of our most sophisticated capping heads, to assure you a perfect seal.


This machine presents a rotary systems complemented with a pick and place capping systems which happens to be one of the more effective in the market. It is a capper that you can upgrade by adding more heads so you can boost your production up to even more higher numbers than before. It is operator friendly and because it is made of stainless steel, it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Original experience

Tedelta is not only a simple selling company, we offer capping solutions to our customers, which is why we offer nothing but the best automatic capping machine video to complement the information you can get in our web page.

We are responsible for every single detail in our products. We idealize, design, manufacture and build every product you would see in our large catalog. That turn us in not only sellers but also experts in the capping and bottling world.

Always get everything you need

If it wasn’t enough, we don’t just sell the most sophisticated capping machines in the market. We also make and sell the replacement parts for them and all the extra parts you might want to upgrade your machines, like heads or more.

All of our products comes with the Tedelta logo printed on, so you can certified it is a 100% original product made by us. Also, if you want to, you can ask us to make you a machine by request. With all the specifications and characteristics you want.

As you might have notice by now. In Tedelta we take our work very seriously, because our main interest is not only sell you a machine, but give you the best tool which will help you In your company and make you stand out from the rest by giving the most precise and perfect sealing in the market.

Get the best automatic capping machine video you can also watch in our web page so you learn even more about the machine you want to buy. We are experts in the capping market. Buy one machine and get a two years guarantee. Personalized technical service. Contact Us.