Automatic Capping Machine

If you are looking for the perfect automatic capping machine for your company, you don’t have to look anywhere else. We are telling you have come to the right place because in Tedelta we will offer you the best capping machines in the market, which will seal most types of bottles and containers with the most sophisticated capping systems in the market.

As a company, we look for the increase of your production. We understand that bottle sealing is a really important part, if not the most important part in the production line, that’s the reason why we only make cappers with the highest quality in the market, so you can produce and sell even more bottles than ever before.

We look to please our clients wishes

Tedelta is a company that has more than 40 years in the bottle production business, and trough all those years, we have learned to know our clients and therefore understand and care about them. Also, through all the four decades we have been in the industry of the bottle production, we have learn to make the most perfect automatic capping machine. The one that truly fills our clients’ expectations.

To us, our main goal is to help you increase the production numbers of your company, which is why we work so hard in making the most effective cappers in the industry, which with you will get a much faster improve in your company’s production. And a clear example of that are the machines we are going to present you, right now.


This machine is quite able of doing anything you need it to do. It is the perfect option for the sealing of any kind of plastic or glass bottles and containers. It has an avant-garde and precise capping system that assures a perfect seal. Its capping head help it to reach a goal of 3000 bottles sealed per hour.


This linear capping machine is nothing but perfect, since it is completely autonomous, meaning that it doesn’t need the hands of an operator to work in an effective way. Its head assures a hermetic sealing with almost any kind of caps, although it can be upgraded with more capping heads in order to reach an even higher goal in sealed bottles.

Our products are totally original

In Tedelta, we are specialist in the designing, manufacturing and building of each automatic capping machine you see in our huge catalog, so all of them are original products.

We also make the replacement parts for our machines, so if you are in the need of a new piece for your capper, you can get it from us. Parts of the same original quality and specially made for your machine.

Designed machines only for you

In Tedelta, like we said before, we care about our customers, which is why, besides offering the most effective cappers in the market, you can always ask us to design and make a unique automatic capping machine just for you, based on all the specifications and details you desire.

You will be able of increase you production levels even more, with a machine that will be made just for your company, with the amazing quality and systems that only Tedelta can offer.

Buy an automatic capping machine for your company in our web page. We have the best prizes in the market with free shipping. 24 hs personalized attention. Two years warranty plus reliable service. Excellent technical system service. Contact us!