Automatic capper machine

Buying the best automatic capper machine is a possibility, that without any problem, we have been offering you for more than 40 years.
In our company we have worked year after year to offer our customers the possibility of increasing the bottling capacity of their factories, with the best machinery, parts and spare parts of the capping system.

Excellent quality equipment

The challenge of new companies is to adapt to the needs of the world and therefore they must have a fast and efficient work system. In order to facilitate the fulfillment of both goals, Tedelta is responsible for manufacturing the best equipment and machinery to improve day-to-day the capping system.
Each of the machines we manufacture has been designed following the demands of the current market and above all, its manufacture has been made using high quality materials.
One of the most demanding equipment in our company are the automatic capping machines, this is due to the efficiency of their work and the adaptability they have to work with the capping required by various types of bottles.

A product of efficiency and durability

Our products are manufactured to give our customers the possibility to operate with automatic capping machines that are efficient, agile and have a longer useful life. We have three styles of capper machines:


The models on sale of this nature are:

Uses the pick off system and guarantees the production of up to 6000 bph depending on the head used
It uses the pick and place system and allows the adaptation of various heads, as well as the correct placement of various types of cap.


The linear capper machines are manufactured in two models: TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR and TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST.

They are of pick and place system type, whose articulated arm allows the agile work of 3000 bph and the placement of various types of cap.

It uses the pick off system and therefore guarantees a less contact with the plug in spite of the precision of sealing.

Special “Custom made”

Our goal is to please you and for this we give you the opportunity to make customized cappers. Always with the guidance of our specialized technical staff.

Guaranteed quality

With a history of more than 4 decades in the market, our company is recognized worldwide for the quality of our products and for the constant technical assistance to our customers.
Our main objective is to guarantee the efficiency of the machinery that we sell and that is why our technicians have the task of going to your company to install your capping machine, calibrate it and verify that the system is fully operational.
Enjoy the possibility of buying automatic capper machine at the best price and excellent quality. Visit our website. Discover our product catalog and select the capping machine or the capping system that best suits the bottling needs of your company. We have a long history in the international market. We are available 365 days a year. Quality guaranteed. Contact us!