Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping Machine

If you are looking for an automatic bottle filling and capping machine, then you’ve come to the right place, because here in Tedelta, we make the best machines that would do the work of sealing any kind of bottles for you.

We are experts in the design and construction of the most efficient machines in the market, therefore we not only sell them, but make them from scratch.

We are like no others

To us, one of the most important values we have as a company is to offer our clients the most qualified and specialized products in the market, and that is the main reason that moves us to take the time and the effort to make everything we sell, with our own hands.

All of Tedelta’s products are 100% originals, everything from the machines, to the heads, replacement parts and more has our logo printed on, and is perfectly tested so it performs the way we want it to and our clients desire.

That’s why we are so into the making of the most amazing automatic bottle filling and capping machine that will make your production levels go higher, up to numbers you never thought it would get. A perfect example of that are these machines we are about to show you. They can make an excellent job and always satisfy your expectations, just like only Tedelta’s products can.


With this machine you will never be disappointed. Every single part of it is made of stainless steel, which assures it a like-no-other longevity, plus the fact that it doesn’t need that much of a maintenance because it will never get rusted.

Besides, its incredible speed can make the capping process go up to 3000 bph, or even 6000 bph if you decide to install more heads to the machine, which is also an alternative we give to you.


This machine is originally made for small productions, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done if you want to. This is a completely autonomous machine that can apply any kind of caps, from aluminum, to roll-on caps, pilferproof, and more.

It also can work with a bunch of different kinds of bottles, especially glass bottles. Even when this machine is autonomous, it can be operated by a person who is qualified to do it.

We think on every detail

Just like we said before, we design and build all of our products, but by doing it, we know that we are the only ones who really know how to manipulate our machines.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, because if you buy an automatic bottle filling and capping machine or any of our other products, you will be getting a series of instructional classes for you and your workers. This means that we will be sending you a team from our company to teach you how to work and manipulate all the different systems that comes with our machines.

Also, if you ask for it, we can design and build a new and original machine out from scratch just for you. That is all part of our custom machines service. You just have to give us your suggestions and we make the machine that will be only yours.

We have a recognized career

Tedelta is a company that has more than 40 years in the making of the most prestigious capping machines in the market, and that is thanks to the support and commitment of our clients all over the world, who recognize our hard work and desire to help them get an increase in their production levels, just like we want you to.

Get the best automatic bottle filling and capping machine in our web page. There are a ton of options waiting for you in our large catalog of products. We are an international company with technical service and 24hs attention. Don’t think about it anymore and Contact us.