Automatic bottle capper machine

The automatic bottle capper machine is a useful tool in the companies dedicated to the work of bottling. This sealing machine adapts to the needs of sealing of each customer, that is to say, its torque adapts to the closing speed that is required by the product to cap.

With more than 4 decades in the market, our company is in charge of manufacturing all the products related to the capping system and in this way we offer you only the best products for the bottling process.

Our capping machines, as well as our spare parts are manufactured with materials of first quality and always following the pattern in innovation demanded by the market.

Capping machines

In our company we are dedicated to the manufacture of different types of rotary and linear capping machines.


This capper model is capable of working at a capacity of 6000bph and has two models:

TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST: Manufactured on a pick off system, it is ideal for factories with great bottling demands.

TEDELTA-CAR-100-TR: This machine has a pick and place system and adapts to the installation of various capping heads.


They are a fast capping system that works at a speed of 3000 bph. The models that we offer you are:

TEDELTA-CAL-101-TR: Offers locking and tightening safety; and its pick and place system allows the articulated arm of the machine to apply the plug with greater precision.

TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST: Easy to use, this pick off system capper makes the dispenser more accurate and thus a better bottle closure.

Special “Custom made”

In our company we give our clients the possibility to manufacture and install in their companies capper machines made to measure. The service offers greater adaptability to the client’s facilities.

An optimum head

In order for the automatic bottle capper to work correctly, it must use a head that adapts to your system and therefore forms a great work team.

In our company we offer you the possibility to install to your capper two types of heads:

Threaded head TEDELTA CR-504-ST

This head has a safety system “no cap no roll”, which is responsible for the safety of neck in the absence of the cap. In addition, it offers the possibility of achieving the closure of different types of bottles and tapping caps with a diameter of 18mm to 38mm.

Magnetic head TEDELTA C.M. 706 T.R.

This head adapts very easily to the needs of the automatic capper. In addition, its stainless steel construction gives it a greater capacity of resistance for long hours of capping. On the other hand, the magnetic head offers the possibility of working with a cap of cone of tweezers or a rigid cone; everything depends on the needs of the client.

 A better production

A capping machine is a great investment for companies dedicated to the bottling process, since they speed up the capping system and therefore substantially increase the production of the company.

To make your investment lasting in time, in our company we are concerned with making the best capping machines, as well as the necessary accessories for their correct operation.

Do you want to improve your company’s bottling system? Visit our website and buy the best automatic bottle capper machine at the best price on the market. Consult our wide catalog of products and choose the ones that are adapted to the needs of your company and production system. We have a long history in the international market. Attention 24 hours. Technical service and personalized accessory.  Transportation included. Contact us!