Auto Liquid Filling Machine

There is no better option for your company to increase its production numbers than an auto liquid filling machine that will seal all your bottles in the most hermetic way possible, while being effective and secure. In Tedelta we offer the best sealing systems in the market, and that we will prove to you in this article.

Our capping system is the most effective of the whole industry, and our machines are recognized as the best cappers, all that because we offer real capping solutions to our customers, with machines and capping products that are efficient and successful.

We develop the most avant-garde cappers in order to satisfy all of our customers’ expectations in terms of bottle seal. Our machines can cap numerous types of bottles, with different kinds of caps, a hermetic finish, and in the shortest amount of time, therefor they are simply the best for any company.

The most effective cappers

In Tedelta we have the most effective cappers of the whole international market. We have been upgrading our own quality standards day by day and year by year, for more than 40 years continuously. An auto liquid filling machine made by Tedelta is the perfect tool for your company, and that is all thanks to the fact our cappers have the most avant-garde systems and custom parts, which are totally original. And a clear example of that are the machines we are going to show you right now.


This machine is synonymous of excellency and effectiveness, simply the best option for you and your company. Tedelta’s duplex capper is perfect for high speed and big productions. It can seal a huge amount of bottles with different types of caps at the same time, therefore the final number will be the double of higher. With this machine you will increase your production numbers up to 6000 bottles per hour.


This machine is going to be just perfect for your company. You can seal all kinds of plastic bottles with any kind of plastic cap with it. It can be equipped with more capping heads if you want to, and by so, increasing even more your production numbers. It is made out of stainless steel, which gives a long lasting durability.

We want you to succeed

As a company, we are committed to help you to succeed by increasing the production numbers in your company, and we want you to know that is our main goal, so we work in order to make the most effective cappers just for you.

But also, we understand that working with machines can be a little problematic, because they need maintenance y caring, and that tends to be kind of expensive. And because we know that, and is not in our main interest to see you struggle, we offer an amazing post sale service that includes reliable services that will make you machines to stay on their best and at no cost.

Our products are 100% ours

In Tedelta, we offer our clients 100% original products. Everything in our catalog is made by our incredible team of professional engineers and experts, simply the most qualified in the area.

We sell auto liquid filling machine that are just amazing, but in case that is not enough for you, you will have the high quality of the products on every product you purchase from us, and some instructional classes for you and your workers to learn everything about our products.

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