Auto capping machine

If you are looking to find the best auto capping machine able to accomplish all your wishes in the bottle sealing and also increase your production numbers, then you have come to the right place, cause here in Tedelta, we offer you the most excellent cappers that can easily work with any kind of bottles and caps in the market, so that way, you’ll get a perfect sealing in all of your bottled products.

If there is one thing in what we are experts, that is the making of the most qualified machines, assembled with all original parts so we can assure you an excellent seal in all of your bottles.

All original products

At this point, you may be thinking that we are a company that just sells capping machines to other companies, but that is not the case at all. We are experts not only in the selling but also in the designing and making of the most effective cappers in the bottling industry.

Tedelta is a company that counts with the most experienced staff filled with nothing but the best professionals in all the areas within the making of a capper.

Inside our catalog, we have a ton of products waiting for you to get them, and they are all made by the most qualified experts in the industry. Because we care about the increase of your production numbers, we know it is really important for you to have a trustful machine, and that is why we work so hard on making the best parts and machines with avant-garde systems that will help you seal your bottles in the most precise way.

Having an auto capping machine is synonymous of a better sealing of any kind of bottles, and that is thanks to the amazing systems we have implemented in our machines, which will help you fulfill your production goals.


This machine will help you increase your production like no other. Its Pick-Off system allows you to boost up your numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour. This capper is able of setting all types of aluminum caps in pretty much all the different kinds of glass bottles, so you can reach and even bigger place in the market.


You can place your trust in this auto capping machine with your eyes closed. It will allow you to seal your bottles with the largest variety of plastic caps, while it works with most types of bottles like plastic or glass and even more. This machine is made of stainless steel and its system allows it to be completely operator-friendly.

We work for your benefit

In Tedelta, like we told you before, we are experts in the making of the most incredible cappers available in the market, which is understandable taking in consideration the fact that we are a company with almost half of a century working for our clients and raising the bar to the competition.

All of our products are made thinking in our customers’ convenience, and that is showed in our special design auto capping machine. These machines are made based on our client’s wishes and requirements. So if you own a huge company or just want to have a bigger production, you can do it with the quality that only Tedelta can offer you.

Do not worry about anything

Now you may be thinking about all the post buying process of the machine: The maintenance, the learning on how to use it and all those stuff that might sound tricky. But don’t worry, in Tedelta we have all that covered as well.

With the buying of one of our products you will be getting a special introduction course on how to manipulate an auto capping machine and take the most advantage from it. Also, you will be getting a lifetime maintenance service from our experts so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And all that just by buying one of the amazing machines that Tedelta makes for you.

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