Auto Capper Machines for Food and Beverage

Everyone knows that making sure food and beverage containers are sealed properly is extremely important. A proper closure serves to protect the food product from spoilage and contamination, while also making sure it stays properly packaged during transportation, distribution and stocking. While applying caps to different types of bottles, jars and other containers used to be done mostly by hand, today’s food manufacturers are embracing technology with an auto capper machines. This type of equipment, as the name suggests, allows caps and closures to be applied automatically.

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Benefits of an auto capper machines for food products

The most obvious advantage of an auto capper machineer a human applying caps manually is efficiency. Machines are able to cap containers much faster, and they are theoretically able to work 24 hours a day. But besides efficiency, automatic capping equipment also provides a more consistent and accurate seal. Everything is designed to ensure the closure is perfect each and every time.

You can see an example of a simple auto capper machine being used in the food and beverage industry in the video below. In this video, jars of mustard are sealed with pre-threaded plastic caps on an inline capping machine.

Inline auto capper machines

The exact model of this capping machine is the TEDELTA-CAL-101-T, an inline machine with a pick-and-place cap delivery system. As you can see in the video, the magnetic capping head ensures the correct amount of torque to seal each jar perfectly as they move down the line.

Just like the other inline model, the TEDELTA-CAL-101-ST, the machine in the video has a capacity of up to 3000 bottles per hour. In this video, it is running at a speed of 2700 bph.

In addition to the two inline models, there are also two rotary capping machines. They use the same two cap delivery systems as the inline models. First, the TEDELTA-CAR-100-T using the pick-and-place system, and second, the TEDELTA-CAR-100-ST, which uses the pick-off system. Because of their carousel design that allows for multiple capping heads, these machines can reach up to 60,000 bph. This makes them ideal for large manufacturing operations in the food and beverage industry.

Do you have any questions about any of TEDELTA’s auto capper machine models? If you would like more information, or need assistance in choosing the right machine for your business, please feel free to contact us.