Access Cappers

In order to have access cappers that truly fulfill all your expectations, you just have to look into our web store. In Tedelta we count with an amazingly huge catalog filled with the most avant-garde bottling products, including amazing capping machines and accessories for them.

Having one of Tedelta’s capping machines in your company is truly the best way to increase your company’s production numbers like never before. We are specialists in the making and selling of these machines that will not only help you seal and produce more bottles at the same time they will lift up your company.

You don’t have to look any further

Tedelta’s machines have a lot of different systems that make these amazing machines simply the best option for you. By purchasing one of our machines you will be getting the assurance that your production numbers will increase in the shortest amount of time ever.

Tedelta is an international company that has more than 40 years of experience in the business of making the most qualified machines for the bottle production market and a ton of offices spreaded all over the globe.

On top of that, we have had work with the most prestigious companies and marks in the world, always satisfying them with the quality and systems of our access cappers.

Our machines are made with the best materials in the market. They have also passed the most rigorous and exigent quality tests in order for us really assure you they are nothing but the best. In that matter, the next cappers we are about to show you have passed those tests and become one of our signature products.


With this machine you will be getting the best capping systems in the market. You will be able to boost up your production up to 3000 bottles per hour which can be pulled to 6000 if you upgrade it. It can apply all types of aluminum caps and all the different kinds of glass bottles. This is undoubtable an excellent option for your company.


This capper allows you to seal your bottles with a huge variety of plastic caps; pretty much all the popular ones at the market. It also works with glass and plastic bottles. It is made of stainless steel and completely operator-friendly. It doesn’t need much maintenance, and on top of that, it has a higher durability than others machines.

Originality is our mark

In Tedelta, we are real specialist not only in the selling but also the creation of capping machines. We are able to make the best and most efficient access cappers for you, and that is because we are the responsible of the designing, manufacturing and overall building of or products. Therefor none of our machines can be comparable to others’.

We only sell products made by ourselves since only we can know how good our machines are, and we are the only ones who can really talk to you about efficiency and quality in terms of cappers, since we count we the needed expertize to do so.

You won’t believe our post-sale services

As a company, we fully understand the fact that sometimes things tend to go in a different direction than expected. And taking that into consideration, plus the fact we like to maintain strong and trustful relationships with our customers, we have developed the best post-sale services in the market.

If you purchase a Tedelta access cappers, you will get a wowing two years warranty. Also we give you a reliable service handed by our incredible team of experts. And if that wasn’t enough, you will get a series of instructional classes so you can learn all you need about our machines functionality.

Get access cappers with no copy in the market just by logging into our web page. We have tons of products waiting for you in our catalog. We have 24 h attention service and the best prices in the market. Certified quality. We are specialist in the bottling business. Contact us!