Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Having a bottle cap sealing machine is the best option for your company, and we will tell you why. In Tedelta, we will like to help you seal the most amount of bottles in the most precise way possible, which is why we offer our clients nothing but the best way to increase your production numbers like never before, and that is with a Tedelta machine. We are specialists in the making and selling of incredible capping machines that will boost up the numbers of your company.

40 years making the best machines

Tedelta is an international company that more than 40 years of experience on its back, making the most qualified machines for the bottle production area. We’ve worked with some of the most popular and recognized companies around the world, reaching their goals and expectations, and even topping them thanks to the amazing technology of our machines.

Tedelta’s machines have a whole different and unique gamma of systems that are capable of precisely seal your bottles with a hermetic finish. We assure your production numbers to increase in the fastest way possible. That is one of our main characteristics. But having a bottle cap sealing machine has its other pros, and those we are going to talk you about just now.


With this machine, we give you the best capping systems in the market. A Tedelta capper that can apply all types of aluminum caps in a huge variety of glass bottles. It will boost up your production numbers up to 3000 bottles per hour. This is one of the fastest machines we have put out in the market, which makes it and excellent option for you.


In this machine’s case, an in-line system is responsible for a polish and quality finish. This can reach a total of 3000 bottles sealed per hour with no problem. You will be able to seal most types of glass bottles. It is operator friendly and because it is made of stainless steel, it has a long lasting durability.

Best materials picked up just for you

In our catalog we have a huge number of machines that can increase your company’s production levels in the blink of an eye, and that is because they are made with the best materials in the market.

Each one of our bottle cap sealing machine have passed the most rigorous quality exams before being putted out in the market and by so, being offered to you.

All of our products are 100% originals, designed and manufactured by us. There is no product published in our web that has not be made by our incredible team of engineers and professionals, that way we can assure the best quality in every single one of our products just four you.

Our relation with you goes further

In Tedelta, we know how important is to have the ability to use a capping machine in a proper way, which is why, besides offering you an amazing machine, we tease you with a series of instructional classes for you and your workers, so you that way you learn how to work with our systems and technologies, and by so, taking the most out of your new Tedelta machines.

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